I’m going to miss all the interesting things I see from my balcony every AM. #vscocam

An update for those wondering how the month of Caldwell-Kitty Bonding is progressing.

Mr. Manners made his first ever paneer. This is what he had to say for himself: “For over 3 years I’ve had no access to paneer. And then I pulled myself by my own bootstraps and made it myself.” #vscocam

Finally, the rain. #vscocam

C is taking the month off from @ecapcol work … This is what I overheard him say to Muñeco this morning: “We’re going to take this month to bond, okay?”

Muñeco was here.

Breakfast of champions thanks to @ccmanners!

It’s a rainy-like-#Nebraska-in-July night. Shouting thunder. Skiddish lightening. Both are so rare in Barranca. My feet are resting on the edge of the balcony and the downpour is washing the dust from their bottoms. I wish we had some whiskey in the house.

#Colombia heads to the quarters! Barrio Versalles is very happy. #worldcup #vscocam

The vultures are out in full force today; I saw 7 from our balcony. Muñeco won’t even go outside. He’s sitting at the door looking up at them and crying. #vscocam